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Лекция 11:

Parts and stages of a lesson

Аннотация: Time management, group, needs analysis, writing aims and objectives, predicting problems, sample lesson plans at a range of levels.


At the end of this module you will:

  • understand the importance of adequate planning over a series of lessons
  • understand the importance of planning stages and activities within a lesson
  • be aware of teacher and student roles at each stage
  • be able to write a detailed lesson plan
  • have considered ways to become a reflective teacher in your future career

This is the final module of the course and you will be asked to submit a lesson plan for a full lesson - it will be time to show off what you have learnt. If you have been doing the course slowly you may find yourself leafing back through earlier modules to remind yourself of their content and relevance to lesson planning. In any case, your mind should be making links between all you have learnt as you work through these final sections.

Your second task in this section is related to teacher development and how learning continues after you finish the course. To misquote Whitney Houston:

‘Learning to assess yourself is the greatest assessment of all’.

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Вадим Бондарь
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Ирина Суханова
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