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Parts and stages of a lesson


This is the scenario. A student has decided that he/she would like to attend a British university. Their standard of English is quite good but in order to get it up to university entrance standard they have decided to supplement school/college lessons with a weekly one-to-one lesson. This is likely to be a fairly long term arrangement so you will get to know each other very well. As the selection of, and application to, a university can be a lengthy procedure, you have decided to concentrate on this in the early stages.

Level Upper Intermediate.
Lesson duration 2 hours
Aim To guide student through a typical university prospectus.
Learning Outcome Providing a pattern for future research. By the end of the session the learner will have skimmed through three university prospectuses and summarised key features and noted the features in a table.
Object To enable the student to make an informed choice when applying for university entrance.
Assumptions Student has chosen his/her subject and has a long list of suitable universities.
Expected Student is unfamiliar with collating information from problems a range of prospectuses and handbooks.
Materials Two or three prospectuses. Atlas/maps.Tourist brochures.Grid.
Warm-up (10 mins) General chat about everyday matters. This helps to build social skills and the vocabulary used when making small-talk. Since the lessons are only once a week, the student needs ‘warming up’.



(20 mins)

Discuss with student what he/she might be looking for in a British university (other than a suitable course). Make a list together of key considerations.Allow student to lead the discussion as far as possible.

[Teacher should have a list of suitable ideas to prompt student if necessary].

Look at geographical situation of the universities under consideration. Look through tourist information.


(15 mins)

Produce two or three prospectuses. Show how they all differ in layout. Begin to look at sections which address the particular concerns expressed in the Introduction.

[Teacher's note: unlike a class situation where you have prepared a lesson on a specific structure with pre-prepared materials, in this instance to a large extent you are letting the student dictate the material to be covered. Therefore it is important that you have familiarised yourself with all those aspects which you envisage the student will want to discuss. Naturally of particular concern will be information for international students].


(10 - 15 mins)

Give student photocopied pages of information for International Students to read through and ask him/her to highlight anything he/she doesn't understand or items of particular interest.

Teacher's note: try to anticipate problem areas and prepare remedial materials - keep note of key vocabulary needed].

Teacher: Whilst student is reading, put the kettle on and make a drink

B R E A K:

(10 mins)

Coffee and a chat. Once again let the student lead the way unless you have something specific you wish to discuss but keep it light. Possibly look more closely at the tourist material to give the student an idea of what is available in the vicinity of the university.



(20 mins)

Go through the reading material and test understanding. At this stage you can address any problems encountered

(20 mins)

Introduce the idea of formulating a chart to enable the student to compare the pros and cons of several universities.

Using the pre-prepared grid, extract information to complete a comparison table. Get the student to suggest suitable column headings.

Suggestion for comparison table:

Situation City/Town/Rural No of foreign students Type(s) of accommodation English language lessons/assistance
East Anglia

Homework: Read through other prospectuses and enter information onto grid. Bring list of 10 key words or phrases to the lesson next week.

Now before you complete the Tutor-assessed task, read the Appendix entitled ‘Lesson Planning’; this is an extract from The Practice of English Language Teaching, 3rd Edition, Jeremy Harmer, Longman.

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