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FreeBSD is a high-performance operating system derived from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), the version of UNIX developed at the University of California at Berkeley between 1975 and 1993. FreeBSD is not a UNIX clone. Historically and technically, it has greater rights than UNIX System V to be called UNIX.
Legally, it may not be called UNIX, since UNIX is now a registered trade mark of The Open Group. This book is intended to help you get FreeBSD up and running on your system and to familiarize you with it. It can’t do everything, but plenty of UNIX books and online documentation are available, and a large proportion of them are directly applicable to FreeBSD.

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Лекция 1
1 час 36 минут
FreeBSD features; Licensing conditions; Alittle history; Other free UNIX-like operating systems; FreeBSD system documentation; Other documentation on FreeBSD; The FreeBSD community; Mailing lists; The Berkeley daemon.
Лекция 3
19 минут
Quick installation
Making things easy foryourself FreeBSD on a disk with free space; FreeBSD shared with Microsoft; Configuring XFree86.
Лекция 4
40 минут
Shared OS installation
Separate disks; Sharing adisk; Sharing with Linux or another BSD; Repartitioning with FIPS.
Лекция 21
1 час 43 минуты
The Domain Name Service
Domains and zones; Setting up a name server; Passive DNS usage; Name server on a standalone system; Name server on an end-user network; Reverse lookup; Slave name servers; The next level down: delegating zones; Messages from named; Upgrading a Version 4 configuration; Looking up DNS information; Checking DNS for correctness; DNS security.
Лекция 23
1 час 18 минут
Network debugging
How to approach network problems; Link layer problems; Network layer problems; traceroute; tcpdump; Transport and application layers; Ethereal.
Лекция 26
1 час 29 минут
Electronic mail: clients
Mail formats; Mail user agents; Files, folders or directories?; Creating a new message; Replying to a message; Using folders; Deleting messages; Tagging messages; Configuring mutt; Mail aliases; Mail headers.
Лекция 32
1 час 12 минут
Updating the system software
Upgrading kernel and userland; Upgrading the kernel Upgrading the boot files; Upgrading the configuration files Merging /etc/group Mergemaster, second time around.
Books on BSD; Users' guides; Administrators' guides; Programmers' guides; Hardware reference; The 4.4BSD manuals Getting FreeBSD on CD-ROM.
The evolution of FreeBSD
FreeBSD Releases 1 and 2; FreeBSD Release 3; The CAM SCSI driver; Kernel loadable modules; The ELF object format; FreeBSD Version 4; No more block devices; NewATA (IDE) disk driver; Newconsole driver; FreeBSD Release 5.
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