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3.2. Tick those statements which reflect the position of the author.

  1. The recent shift in the digital world helps consumers feel fit.
  2. The move from the wide-open Web to semi closed platforms gave rise to iPhone models.
  3. Consumers appreciate new changes because they make their lives more convenient.
  4. The Web was thought to flourish by placing applications in the cloud.
  5. New technologies were supposed to weaken the Web position in the digital world.
  6. The future of the Web is undoubtedly stable.
  7. Websites can be published without restraint, whereas apps require approval by third parties. Is it true?
  8. Apple has become the leader in the struggle for the world without the Web. Is it true?
  9. Consumers are eager to part with their wallets to obtain modern devices. Is it true?
  10. Online businesses will find new ways to drive revenue online, and selling apps may well be one of them.
  11. Mobile phones providing access to the Internet are destroying the Web.
  12. Today's apps do some things better than the web, which is why they are so popular.
  13. The web is a system for making connections — between documents, devices and ultimately people.
  14. Nothing is infinite. The Web is not exclusion.
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Наталия Маркелова
Наталия Маркелова
Добрый день, хочу перевестись по этому курсу на обучение с тьютором.будет ли он проверять переводы с русского на английский в части заданий, например, . Translate from Russian into English
Мария Андреева
Мария Андреева

Кстати, да. В лекции 37 курса "Английский язык для ИТ-специалистов" Vocabulary нет совсем!